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By placing your artwork on The Varo Registry you will receive:

  • Worldwide exposure of your artwork to students, faculty, gallery and museum curators, art directors, and the general public. Varo artists have had their work features in countless research articles, papers, and are part of the art and art historical communities. Varo artists have sold work, built their audience, and reached thousands of art lovers all over the world.
  • Your personal home page with identifying URL to invite users to view your artwork via the Internet. You can put this URL on your business cards and stationery to point potential viewers to your personal site.
  • Part of a network of over 400 art, art history, and women's studies related sites. We are linked to hundreds of sites that reach academicians, teachers, students, galleries, museums, and the general public interested in contemporary women's art. The Varo Registry was the first women's art site on the Internet.
  • Personal feedback from viewers when provided. If anyone contacts us for purchasing, research, or other reasons for your work we let you know immediately.

If you have your own website join us!  We will include you on our Varo Artists List page for an annual fee of $75 per year. This includes all the membership benefits. The Varo Registry Membership rate has remained the same for the entire twenty years of web presence.

We can create your personal home page and send you your electronic address (URL). Your personal home page will have your images in small and large formats, resume, artist statement and bibliographic material available for users to learn about you and your work.

Or you can link to your own website for the annual fee of $75.00. Please contact us for details.


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