The Pietŗ: Restoration and Artwork

The White Grid Series: Toward the Better Angels of our Nature

This quote from Lincoln's first inaugural address is the influence for this series.

The white grid is the underlying template for graphite drawings of majestic pine trees and
other natural imagery.
Take a video walk through of this exhibit from the Adirondack Center for the Visual Arts exhibition.

Wayland Oak

Graphite on Layered Paper
22" x 30 "


Pine Grove
Graphite on Paper
8" x 18"

Twisting Pine
Graphite on Paper
16" x 18 "


Cathedral Pine 1
Graphite on Paper
24" x 65"

Long Pines
Concord, Mass
Graphite on Paper
36" x 70 "

Cathedral Pine 2
Graphite on Paper
24" x 65"



White Gladiolas
Oil Stick, Graphite on Paper
12" x 18"

Pine Grove 2
Graphite on Paper
14" x 28 "

White Roses on a Grid
Oil Stick, Graphite on Paper
28" x 36"

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