The Pietà: Restoration and Artwork


Pietà (before)
September, 2007

La Pietà Statue Restoration Project
Holy Family Parish, Concord, Mass.
In Memory of

Joseph L. Masi
1930 - 2007

A 2/3rds lifesize reproduction of Michelangelo's Pietà of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome was restored and cleaned by Ivan Myjer and Miroslav Maler of Building Monument Conservation from Arlington.The statue was restored after over fifty years of sitting in the lovely grove of pine trees in downtown Concord, Massachusetts. However, the years of acid rain, New England winters, tree sap and branches had made much of the statue brown and green from the elements.

The statue is made from Carrara marble, the same mountain and quarries in Italy where Michelangelo attained his original marble for the St. Peter's Pietà and much of his sculptures created in the Renaissance. The reproduction was carved in a studio in Carrara and shipped to Concord. By the weathering and reproduction style the statue is estimated to be from the 1940s or 50s. One of Mary's fingers was chipped off and Miroslav has carved her a new finger which is now fully visible. The cleaning process takes environmentally friendly chemicals and a three week process of hand, pump spray and mechanical cleaning.

Local Concord resident Robin Masi, an artist who is interested in the statue, donated the funds to the parish to have the statue restored and cleaned in her father, Joseph L. Masi's memory, who died in May 19, 2007.

Ivan and Miroslav both headed up the restoration of stonework at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City and have done many historical restoration projects throughout the U.S. and, recently, of Plymouth Monument.

Father Austin Fleming, pastor of Holy Family Parish, Concord supported the project. It was believed the original reproduction statue was facilitated to come to Concord by a past priest, Father York. However, there are still questions about the origins of the statue and how it came to Concord.

Joseph L. Masi was a retired Colonel in the USAF and Stanford Research Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Kings College, London and other graduate degrees from Stanford University, University of Illinois, and his BFA from the U.S. Naval Academy. He lived in San Francisco with his wife, Susan. He had three children: Eric, Renée; and Robin; and five grandchildren Dave, Dan, Tyler, Ben, and Greta.

For further information please email:
Robin Masi

Thank you for your interest in this important restoration project for the town of Concord and Holy Family Parish


Pietà Presentation Summer 2014

Christ detail






Mary's Thumb (before)
September, 2007


Cararra Marble attached
Restoring Mary's thumb
September 15, 2007

Mary's Hand (after)

Restoring Mary's thumb
September 17, 2007

Robin Masi

Miroslav Maler, Stone Carver

Ivan Myjer and Miroslav Maler

Applying Cleaning Solutions




La Pietà (after)
September 28, 2007





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