The Pietą: Restoration and Artwork

Vanishing Point: Scenes from the Life of Artemisia Gentileschi
written by Robin Masi

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Performance Schedule

Palazzio Venezia, Rome, Italy, December 15-16th, 2001

Italian Cultural Institute and Escuela d'Italia, New York, NY, April 25th, 2002

Vanishing Point dramatizes the events that shaped Baroque artist
Artemisia Gentileschi to become one of the greatest woman artists of all time.

It was performed with the Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi exhibitions
at the Palazzio Venezia, Rome
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
and the
St. Louis Museum of Art, St. Louis.

Performances of the play feature conceptual costumes by Robin Masi

Punta di Fuga (Vanishing Point) Palazzio Venezia, December 15-16th, 2001, Rome, Italy

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Punto di Fuga (Vanishing Point) was performed at the Palazzio Venezia Museum on December 15 and 16th, 2001 by the TASK Theater Company, Milan, directed by Vincent Gaeta and produced by Phil Micali and Lisa Tucci. The piece was performed to thousands of museum visitors with the Gentileschi paintings as a backdrop in the grand Palazzio Venezia galleries.

Italian Cultural Institute and the Escuela d'Italia, April 25th, 2002, New York

Vanishing Point was performed by the New York cast and directed by Vincent Gaeta. The piece was performed to several hundred middle-school students at the Escuela d'Italia and over one hundred members of the Italian Cultural Institute.

Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi was an artist tutored by her father, renowned painter and follower of Michelangelo Caravaggio, Orazio Gentileschi. Artemisia was an artistic prodigy evident to all who saw her work, devoted to her craft and committed to becoming a great artist. At seventeen, Artemisia was raped by her tutor and father's best friend, Agostino Tassi, and a lurid public trial ensued. During the eight-month trial, Artemisia was publicly examined and tortured with metal screws to prove her case. She took these experiences into the studio to create vivid and dramatic portrayals of female heroes in the bible. She became one of the most sought-after artists of the Baroque period. She worked for the papacy and royalty for the next forty years producing exquisite biblical paintings and portraits. She supported her daughter, also a painter, until her death at the age of sixty.


A series of costumes have been designed and built specifically for the productions. They include: Tassi and Gentileschi Testimony A/Vest and A/Dress a dress and vest with testimony from the rape trial collaged onto the garments; The Judith Cape worn by the judge in the Tribunale (trial), and several hand painted gowns with Gentileschi images.


Vanishing Point began as a short story during my graduate study placement as a work/study student at the Women Artists Archive, at Sonoma State University, a special collection on over one thousand women artists from the medieval times to the present. Searching for Judith was directed by Mary Kate Cafrey, co-artistic director of Threshold Theater, a Boston theater company in December, 1997. The play can be performed as a costumed staged reading or a full theatrical production. Please contact us for any further information or interest in scheduling a performance in your area