Alice Dubiel


In patriarchy, reproduction is often matricide. Children are also targets.

One of the appeals made by those who bomb centers for reproductive health is for the primacy of the myth of individual consciousness. This emphasis obscures social responsibility for the care of the young.

We can access contradiction in society's view of women's sexuality. For us, responsible care is the manifestation of pleasure. It is always social, even if personal and private.

When we celebrate diversity, cherish our differences, we acknowledge separateness, but only in the context of the matrix. We are more powerful in our diversity.

Wild plants are like wild women: out of control, unchaste, ill-bred. Cross-breeding is pathology. Procedures for weeding become more invasive: herbicides, genetic manipulation, weed and seed, forced sterilization, hybridization.

Homogeneity is not a stable system. Moncropping simplifies the environment and leaves plants vulnerable to blight and pestilence.

Diversity of localy adapted cultigens (organism) lends yield stability and ecological resilience.--Nabhan.

Conserves, preserves, jellies and jams bring the harvest to the winter.

Crisis management is the conflict of the myth of individual consciousness with the need for social justice, manifested in blame, shame and guilt projected onto our natural processes.

A crisis in an agricultural community means crop failure, famine and starvation.

Reproductive freedom is a basic human right.

Reproductive freedom is a basic right of all living things.

Seeking high germination rates, agricultural researches ignore the effect of sustainable, post germination vigor and building soil on later generaltions.


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